Kelly Catlin

Flutist | Teacher | Composer

Millennium: The 21st century concert

Kelly Catlin: founder and composer/songwriter

Clare nunley: graphic design/animation

Millennium is the next step in the evolution of the traditional symphony orchestra. This multimedia pop fusion orchestra features intense visual stimulation in the form of projected animation and graphic art. Concert projections and art introduce a simultaneous storytelling medium in order to strengthen impact. This audio-visual collaboration elevates the audience’s musical experience beyond that of the simple concert.

"The Wild Ones" by Kelly Catlin. Videography by Armaan Eric Najhawan. Performed by Millennium.

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MAGIC The play

Kelly catlin: composer, music director & Co-producer

Yaakov bressler & christopher erlendson: script cowriters & Co-producers

Performed in New York City at the Studio Theatre on Theatre Row February 20-25th, 2018


Photography: Emily Chan

Photography: Emily Chan

The storyline

In a world where people rely on potions and flying brooms, chaos ensues when magicians begin losing their powers. Unable to solve the problem, crooked government officials blame the crisis on two lowly street performers. Facing arrest, the street performers must decide whether to flee as fugitives or expose the government’s lies.

Photography: Emily Chan

Photography: Emily Chan

About the creators

Creative partners in crime Yaakov Bressler, Christopher Erlendson, and Kelly Catlin came together to write and score this theatrical production. Yaakov and Christopher lend their fresh and quirky voices to the script's rhymes, while Kelly uses her classical training as a musician to weave a beautiful musical backdrop to the show.  


what we've done...

Magic the Play, a 90-minute production, has been showcased at the Off-off Broadway venue, Dixon Place, in New York City in April 2017. In February 2018, talented actors, musicians, and crew brought the magic to life again on Theatre Row to sold out audiences, but we have big plans for Magic's future...

What's next?

We have Off-Broadway dreams for Magic the Play. Stay tuned for our next magical production...

what is "magic the play" all about? take a look...