Kelly Catlin

Flutist | Teacher | Composer

teaching philosophy

Learning the flute should be a process which encourages a student to trust his or her own sense of creativity while also achieving goals and gaining technical skills. Depending on a student's level of proficiency, weekly lessons with me include:

  • Learning to read music notation
  • Practicing sight-reading skills through teacher-student duets
  • Technique exercises and scales to build agility, strength, and control
  • Etudes: small pieces to teach a specific skill
  • Solo pieces
  • Basic piano lessons to help the student's understanding of music theory
  • A weekly practice guide summarizing the student's goals before our next lesson

See below for my sample weekly practice guide to help students remember what to practice during the week between lessons.




"Kelly was a wonderful teacher for our service, and handled her work with professionalism. Lots of enthusiasm and a great motivator to students. She was also organized and very reliable. Definitely recommended to anyone looking to learn the flute."

-Rodney I.

"Kelly is not only a fantastic teacher but is also an exceptionally talented flutist. She whole-heartedly is passionate about excelling in her own life which translates to high expectations for her students while maintaining a light-hearted learning environment, mirrored by her optimistic personality. She understands the inner mechanisms of teaching flute to people of any ages due to her excellent education and her extreme intelligence. I would sincerely recommend her to a flutist of any age or ability."

-Elizabeth L.